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the original victoria secret angel icon challenge

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» You must be a member of the community to participate. Click the 'JOIN' button above.

» New Challenge will be posted on Fridays. You'll have until the following Friday/Saturday to submit your icons. Voting will take place Saturday/Sunday and results will be posted on Monday.

» You may submit a max of FOUR (4) icons per challenge, unless otherwise stated. Comment to the 'CHALLENGE' post with your icons & links to submit.

» All entries must be original work and made specifically for the challenge.

» Icons must be within lj standards (100x100px and/or 40kb).

» You may not share/use your icons until voting is over. All comments are screened except for mods to make things fair (we can see your icons, you can see ours).

» VOTES ARE WEIGHTED. When voting you'll need to vote in order of preference. 1st Place will get 3pts, 2nd Place 2pts, 3rd Place 1pt.

» Don't vote for yourself or ask others to vote for you. Doing this will result in a disqualification & possible ban.

» Don't steal icons. If you see an icon you'd like to use. Wait until results are posted and ask the maker there.

» Have fun. This is a friendly competition that will help you improve your skills.


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